Jiangmen flame retardant pc:pc/abs and flame retardant ABS knowledge

2022-07-14 1012

Whether it is the development of new energy vehicles, household appliances, or the upgrading of gas equipment, it is closely related to electricity and fire, which brings many conveniences to our lives. At the same time, it also brings many hidden dangers. The flame retardancy of materials has become a performance. How much do you know about the difference between flame retardant pcabs alloy and flame retardant ABS?

Flame retardant pc/abs and flame retardant ABS materials are widely favored by major injection molding plants because of their excellent comprehensive performance. Next, I will analyze the differences between these two materials from three perspectives:

1. Flame retardant performance

Both flame retardant pc/abs and flame retardant ABS can achieve V0 and 5V, but flame retardant pc/abs mostly adopts halogen-free flame retardant system, which has the advantages of halogen-free and low odor during injection molding;


Flame retardant ABS mostly adopts bromine flame retardant, which has the advantage of better flame retardant effect.

2. Processing difference

Flame retardant pc/abs has small processing odor and does not corrode the mold, but it needs high processing temperature, which is relatively difficult to form; Flame retardant ABS has a strong processing smell, and it is easy to corrode the mold after long-time processing, but the processing temperature is low, so it is easy to be processed and formed.

3. Physical performance difference

The tensile, bending and impact properties of flame-retardant pc/abs are significantly higher than those of flame-retardant ABS. The notch impact strength of flame-retardant ABS is generally about 20kj/m, while flame-retardant pc/abs can generally achieve more than 45 kJ / m.

Although there are differences between flame-retardant pcabs alloy and flame-retardant ABS, each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Major injection molding plants can choose a more suitable flame-retardant material according to their needs on the premise of ensuring product performance.

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