Jiangmen flame retardant PC: what are the factors affecting the flame retardant pc/abs alloy

2022-07-14 1042

Flame retardant pc/abs alloy is an engineering plastic with excellent function and low price, which is widely used in industry. It can improve the low temperature resistance of alloy materials. Flame retardant pc/abs has a disordered microstructure, and the improvement of its microstructure can significantly improve the mechanical function of the alloy. Next, guozhiguang plastic introduces the factors that affect the flame-retardant pc/abs alloy.

Different brands of flame retardant pc/abs resin blend alloys have great differences in function. High rubber content improves the impact strength of flame retardant pc/abs, but impairs the compatibility between phases and reduces the tensile function of the alloy. Therefore, selecting abs with appropriate rubber content can not only improve the impact strength of the blend, but also enhance its flexural strength synergistically. When ABS with low rubber content is used, the bending strength of the alloy will be synergistically enhanced. In addition, ABS with high acrylonitrile, low rubber content and high molecular weight can improve the heat-resistant function of the alloy.


The compatibility and mechanical function of flame retardant pc/abs blend system are directly related to the content of each component in the system. After conditioning the blending proportion of PC and ABS resin, flame retardant pc/abs with different characteristics can be obtained. The function of flame retardant pc/abs alloy has a linear relationship with the content of ABS, and its overall function is between PC and ABS. The impact strength has an additive effect and an antagonistic effect with the ratio.

The molding method also has a great influence on the shape and structure of flame-retardant pc/abs alloy. For example, the compression molded sample can better adhere to the micro heterogeneous dispersion state formed during alloy mixing, while during injection molding, the dispersion state changes at high shear rate, reaching excessive uniform differentiation.

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