Flame retardant nylon manufacturer: advantages of modified flame retardant reinforced nylon pa

2022-07-14 1394

Advantages of PA material: it has high mechanical strength, high softening point, heat resistance, low friction coefficient, wear resistance, self lubrication, vibration absorption and silencing, oil resistance, weak acid resistance, alkali resistance and general solvents, good electrical insulation, self extinguishing, pollution-free, odorless, good weather resistance and poor dyeing.

1. Nylon has the characteristics of high softening point, good heat resistance (such as nylon 46), high crystallinity, high thermal deformation temperature, and can be used for a long time at 150 ℃. The thermal deformation temperature of glass fiber reinforced nylon 66 can reach more than 250 ℃.

2. The surface is smooth, the friction coefficient is low, and the wear resistance is good. When used as a movable mechanical part, it has the characteristics of self lubrication and low noise. When the friction effect is small, lubricants should not be used. If you really need lubricating oil to reduce friction or help heat dissipation, you can choose water, oil, grease, etc. Therefore, as a transmission component, its service life is very long.


3. Resistant to corrosion, alkali and most salt solutions, weak acids, engine oils, gasoline, aromatic compounds and general solvents. It is inert to aromatic compounds, but has no resistance to strong acids and oxidants. Resistant to gasoline, petroleum, fat, alcohol and weak alkali, with good anti-aging ability. It can be used as packaging material for lubricating oil and fuel.

4. It is self extinguishing, pollution-free, tasteless, weather resistant, inert to biological erosion, and has good performance of preventing bacterial particles.

5. Light weight, easy to dye. Because of its low melt viscosity, it can flow quickly. Easy filling, high freezing point after filling, fast setting, short forming cycle and high production efficiency.

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