What are the common factors that affect flame retardancy?

2022-07-14 810

What are the common factors affecting flame retardancy in the application of PP Flame Retardant?

1. When the base material is recycled, the impurities in it will affect the flame retardancy!

2. Calcium carbonate will affect flame retardancy when filling! Barium sulfate or talc powder will not affect flame retardancy!

3. Glass fiber will affect flame retardancy!


4. Some tougheners will affect flame retardancy, while some flame retardants will not affect PP Flame Retardant!

5. Calcium stearate and lead stearate will also affect flame retardancy!

6. If the color masterbatch contains calcium carbonate or the carrier value is different from PP, it will also affect the flame retardancy of PP Flame Retardant!

Different products use different types of flame retardants and increase in quantity, so the factors affecting flame retardance are different.

Source: Jiangmen flame retardant PChttp://www.jmsanyi.com